Room B - Single room
              for 1 person

* Single bed
* Night table
* Table
* Small chest of drawers
* Clothes cupboard

January until June - Minimum stay 2 nights
Not include the las fallas week

   1 July - 10 September
   Minimum stay 2 nights

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1 person
Price per night
Price for one week = 7 nights
150€ / 175€ - Get free night!
Price per night
Price for one week = 7 nights
Price for
one month

10 per night
120€ / 140€ - Get free night!
1 person
Min Stay - 2 nights
* Check- in- from 14:00
* Check - out- is 12:00
* Children up to 4 years old - 5€ per night - older than 4 years old - the adult rate

Please note!
1. Same Day reservations are NOT accepted. Reservations must be at least 24 hours
prior to arrival. The reservation can only be made only through the forms on this
website; we do not accept reservation by telephone.

2. Guests are not allowed to have visits or visitors in the accommodation area even
if they family members or a boyfriend or girlfriend. Only registered people can stay
in the accommodation area

3. Our apartments are not intended for:
Discreet encounters
Love/affair vacations (couples who just looking for a place to be together)

4. Payment in full by cash is required at the time of check - in,
We don't accept credit cards or checks. We don't accept payment in advance in
any way!
Like all respected accommodations and hotels, we do copy your Passport
or ID for Security

Making Your Reservation
1. For a reservation, please fill out the reservation form.
2. When we receive your request, we will check to see if these dates are available
3. You will receive an email with both the available dates and the price.

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